Ok. It’s time to publish our website. We never thought how difficult it would be to create a blog!

What’s the difference between a blog and just keeping up with Facebook and other social media? Do we purchase a domain name to that it’s “ours” or choose a freebee and hope no one hacks it? Which blog software is best? Easiest? There are THOUSANDS of themes…which one to use? Then when we chose a theme…how do we customize it? Change the colors? Fonts? Which pics to upload? What the heck are WIDGETS?? PLUGINS?? Do we want others to leave comments? (not sure if we do as that backfired on us when we had up “our wedding” website – please people: we seek ENcouragement, NOT DIScouragement – or to be blunt: stupidity is just plain stupid) What do we actually want to say? Do we want to write about our lives as a WHOLE, or do we want to write about specifics, such as our very unique marriage…traveling…blended family stuff…age differences…grief work…spirituality…work/career stuff…and so on? What would others actually WANT to read? Is our life even worth creating a blog/website about? Who would even read it? And really: who even cares??

So with all that and more, here we are……

We decided to go ahead and create this website. Bear with us as it seems that we’re changing something major on it every day! And yes, it looks a little BORING. As we work with the software and figure it all out, it will look more interesting! Guaranteed ๐Ÿ™‚ If you choose to read it – THANK YOU! If not, hey, no worries. Nothing against those who don’t.

We still don’t know what the focus of this site will be…but what we do know is that our life together has been and still is (un)expected. I’m sure we have some stories to share that others can relate to, that others can find solace and comfort in, that others can learn from, and that others will disagree with FULLY ๐Ÿ˜‰ but’s that’s so ok…that’s how life goes…..especially this one GREAT (un)expected life!