We thought we should preface our upcoming posts with a bit of history.

When we met, we were both in very different life stages and life journeys. Corissa had been widowed about 10 months and Jesse was living a solo life, never been married. Corissa was learning what is was like to be single (not really “single, again” as she had, as a teenager, married her childhood sweetheart), and Jesse was discouraged with the dating lifestyle.

We met in Tamarindo, Costa Rica – both on vacation. And when we met, it was like we both found HOME. Not that either of us were looking for HOME, as we both had our own version of home – families, roots in our communities, and so on – but that’s exactly how it felt – and so very unexpected.

We let that feeling take us for a few weeks while we maintained contact – Corissa remained in Costa Rica, then went off to Liverpool, England; Jesse returned to Ontario, Canada. It was during this time of getting to know each other better – delving deep(er) into our backgrounds and history – that we decided to intentionally pursue a more-than-friends relationship.

But this was not without risks and challenges…

Our first make-it-or-break-it challenge was disclosing our ages to each other. For those who don’t already know our age difference, well, you’ll just have to keep guessing! But here’s a hint: Corissa’s children are just a few years younger than Jesse. This age gap accompanies differences in life stages. We knew that this may make our relationship complex, and it sure has been and can be…but we were willing to keep going. (And to look at this from a different viewpoint: if Jesse was the one who was older, no one would have even batted an eye! It’s not very often where the woman is the older one in the relationship.)

Then our life situations: we both have backgrounds that were/are unique to each other – from our spiritual backgrounds to how many siblings we have to where we both called “home” (as in location) to expectations placed on us by (well-meaning) others. Being open and honest with each other, and being willing to see and experience things from a perspective different than our own has been (and IS) vital to the strength of our relationship as a couple…and as friends who truly enjoy each other’s company.

After working through some of these risks (and knowing we’ll probably always be working on them in one form or another), we knew that another challenge would be working through “future” issues…such as adding each other to our already eclectic families (i.e. personalities!)…financial stuff…and our own personal hopes and dreams.

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