This is OUR last week in Kingston, Ontario…or should we say, our last week TOGETHER here in Kingston…for now, anyway. Jesse will stay for another 4-6 weeks to finish his university degree in business…but Corissa is set to leave in a few days.

Being in Kingston the last year+ has been a wonderful time for us to get to know each other…being in a new place…making new friends…working at new jobs.

But it’s been hard being away from others, such as Corissa’s children in Winnipeg and other loved ones in Manitoba (24 hours away)…and Jesse’s family and loved ones in Petawawa/Pembroke/Round Lake and other areas (about 3 hours away).

We’ve gone back to both areas when we could…but Kingston has been where “we” really built our foundation as a couple. It will always be a special place for us.

Yet, the time has come…we’re ready to move on!

This past month or so, we’ve been busy gearing up for THE MOVE.

And in doing so, we’ve really discovered how much LESS stuff we can live without! SO FREEING!

And to give a very real example: Today Jesse sold his BIG SCREEN TV!!! He took a huge financial hit on it (only got about 25% of what he paid for it). How much have we spent in our lives only to have what we bought be worth almost nothing? And right at this moment, what is he watching his football game on? A 21-inch iMac computer! Is he still enjoying the game? Of course! So what’s really changed? Our way of thinking.

We’re heading to Costa Rica for 3 months come mid-January. This will be a test for us to see if we’re cut out for actually leaving behind the all-elusive North American Dream.

We’ll be spending our first month in Playa Potrero. We haven’t been there before…but we’re willing to go where we’re not familiar, and see what’s there for us. And if we’re there for a couple of weeks and want to go elsewhere, we’ll have the freedom to do so!

After that, we’ll probably head for the coolness (as in temps!) of the Central Valley. But we’re not sure.

This “unsure-ness” is kind of scary…but the excitement of an unknown adventure overrides any scariness!

But this begs the question, how can we afford to travel? How can we afford to NOT live in Canada/North America?

Yet really, the question has become: how can we afford TO live in North America??

What price should we put on our emotional and mental health? Our physical health?

Then logisitically: the financial cost of living? To put things in perspective: our rent here in Kingston is $1050 a month. In Potrero, the rental cost for one month in a vacation rental (with a pool and within 5 minutes walking to the beach and local shops) is $350. Fresh produce? Last year, when Corissa stayed with Wayne’s cousins near San Jose, they FILLED/PACKED the back of their SUV with fresh fruits and vegetables for $20. Today, we went to Costco, bought a bunch of bananas, raspberries, sweet peppers, a bag of spinach, and a pineapple for $20 – and this is as fresh as we can get it – and who knows how the produce may have been chemically modified? Then transportation? Vehicle gas? Yes, it’s more expensive in Costa Rica than here. But because we’ll be utilizing mass transportation (busses) and our own energy (walking, biking). That $50 or more we spend every week to fill up the CR-V is $$ we won’t be spending.

We hope to learn a lot while down there. We want to be students of everyone we meet – as we know that each situation is a lesson in and of itself. We want to learn new skills, such as farming and gardening, helping out with children at a local school, surfing, horsemanship, Espanol!, animal care, bartending, yoga…whatever!

We want to build new relationships…learn from others who, like us, left North America and that all-elusive Dream, to find themselves…and to just BE. And learn from those whose land we will inhabit…

We want to learn how to slow down…how to breathe, deeply…how to BE. We want to learn to be more at one with our Creator.

Yes, it’s only 3 months…but we know that LOTS can happen in 3 months…

And like we said, this is a test…we will possibly go longer next time…or even indefinitely 😉

So WHY? Well, WHY NOT?!

The next post will be after Corissa moves (back) to Winnipeg…