Realizing Hopes & Dreams

For years, Corissa has researched and studied and dreamed and talked (with anyone who’d listen!) about “escaping” from North America. She looked at this process as if she were an inmate, figuring out the best way to break free from the prison walls. Gathering as much information as she could, talking with anyone who had done so, and working on a “breakout” timeline.

When Corissa and Jesse met, she was ready and sooooo eager to get on with it.

But…..hmmmm…..what to do when you meet someone who may be worth putting that dream off for a bit??

She decided to wait (but not indefinitely!)…..see what would happen with this new “friend” of hers…..KNOWING that it’s better to live life ANYWHERE with someone you love than to live life elsewhere without.

**And Corissa was (IS!) right! 🙂 Jesse was – still is – so worth the wait! **

Corissa was ready to GO…yet Jesse had really not given thought to living “elsewhere” – he wasn’t as content as he wanted to be in his life, but he couldn’t explain why. When Corissa described her hopes and dreams for a simple life – a life lived simply – and why, a light bulb went off! ILLUMINATION!

Here is where we balance each other:

Jesse has agreed to discover life outside of North America – because (a) he loves his wife and a happy wife pretty much means a happy life! and (b) the more he and Corissa talk about living well, living simply, and simply living, he too is seeing how much our North American society is a deterrent to that way of life – it’s not impossible, it’s just harder to remain motivated as living simply totally goes against the theory of the *all-elusive* American Dream.

Corissa has agreed to CONTINUE to discover life here in Canada, not to wish to be “somewhere else” but to do what it takes to live well, live simply, and simply live right where we are – right here, right now. Most of this is about living life with gratitude (see previous post) – and being as content as possible with the life we’re already living…not always wishing for the grass that’s greener on the other side (as it probably isn’t – but Corissa’s natural curiosity wants to know for certain if the grass is greener or not)…and living life meaningfully: today AND tomorrow.

Since we met, we’ve been intently and actively focusing on just that.


We’ve been actively aware of and involved in our cash-flow situation: reducing expenses and increasing income – save $$, make $$, and make the best use of our $$ when we do spend it.

We’ve been actively reducing our STUFF, and learning to live with so much less than we ever thought possible – and we know that we can address the “stuff = stress” and “possessions = possession” equations even more.

We’ve been intently making connections and contacts here in Canada/North America and abroad to discover the best way to live simply, simply live – no matter the location.

And we’ve been PLANNING! So what are our plans??

Corissa’s heading back to Winnipeg in 2 weeks, about a month ahead of Jesse – loading up the CR-V and a small 4×8 trailer with our stuff, whatever we have left from selling and/or giving away – YUP! It WILL fit! – and driving by HERSELF 24 hours from Kingston to Winnipeg. And yes, we know that a 24-hour drive could bring us to the Florida Keys where we could be lying on the beach in our skimpys, sipping fresh Pina Coladas, running in the warm sugary sand, “uploading” Vitamin D, listening to palm trees swaying and the surf crashing (need we go on??!) instead of Winnipeg (aka WINTERpeg!) where we’ll be digging out our blizzard gear, making and consuming comfort food, hibernating under our covers, accustoming ourselves to the very short daylight hours (please please please don’t make us say more!).

But Winnipeg holds Corissa’s amazing young adult children…their significant others…and the first GRANDBABY due to be born mid/end November! This is reason enough to pick up our lives here in Kingston and head west.

When Jesse’s done his University Degree in Business Administration in mid-December, he’ll fly on out to Winnipeg, which will be WINTERpeg for sure by then.

…Family…Friends…new Grandbaby…Christmas…New Year’s…

Then mid-January, we’ll fly on down to Costa Rica – be there for whole THREE MONTHS – living Pura Vida!

We’ll write more about that in the next post…