Well, folks, we’re halfway through our 3 months in Costa Rica.

We came here for a number of reasons, such as ESCAPING WINTER, eating healthier – consuming less processed foods and more freshly-picked fruits and veggies, being more active – purposely not renting a vehicle for our full time here so we’d have to walk more…and most importantly, focusing on our relationship, which includes figuring out some plans for living back in Canada…and the possibility of living elsewhere.

It is easy to eat less processed food and to be more active. And yes, the escaping winter part – no hardship doing that! (The pic above is from Morgan, Corissa’s youngest daughter – her attempt, one morning, to traverse a main highway in Manitoba. She turned around, went back to safety. Do we miss that??! Ah: NOT!)

But focusing on our relationship and our future has been a steady up-hill climb. It hasn’t been easy. Our biggest issue is income. We don’t need much to live on, but $$ is a cold hard truth of this world.

How can we – as a couple…and as individuals – utilize our passions, goals, skills, knowledge, education, and experience to produce an income? Do we succumb to money pressures and job status, and return to the workforce – specifically for Jesse to return as a civilian with the Department of National Defence? Can we find ways to generate income no matter where we are in the world, such as working online or even learning new skills – hairdressing / esthetics / cosmetology, vehicle / bicycle mechanics, etc.? Do we create a business to serve our community here in Costa Rica? Do we sell the Winnipeg house for years of income-freedom – yet not have a Canadian home to come back to? Or do we sell it, purchase a less expensive home in Canada, rent it out while living elsewhere for a time on the rest?

Or do we do combine two or more ideas?

Needless to say, we haven’t come any closer to making any decision for our life as of Fall 2015. We know that Winnipeg will be our home base at least until then. While there, we plan on holding and playing with Miss Emilia (grandbaby) as much as we can, spending time with Corissa’s children & parents and other loved ones, friends, family, working on the house…and Corissa’s surgery. Jesse is interested in doing work of some kind, mainly to bring in some sort of income – and to keep himself busy.

After that, we’re still not sure. We have ties in Kingston, Petawawa, Winnipeg…and now: Costa Rica. Yet who, what, or where else will entice us next?!

So in the meantime, we will listen to and converse with each other, and to/with other well-meaning people, keep praying and thinking about options, and live this life as LARGELY as we can – this one unexpected life of ours.

Ideas? Comments? Questions? Use the “send us a message” link above, PM either of us on Facebook, or email cdlevair @ hotmail.com . We’d love to hear from you!