The Next Chapter is About to Begin

One more day and we’ll be back in Canada. Our three months in Costa Rica flew by so very quickly.

We spent our last couple of CR weeks experiencing all that we could, while becoming quite excited for the next phase in our one (un)expected life.

Our best times in CR were not what we DID, but the people who came alongside us while we did these things. Sitting on the beach or at a pool, chatting it up while indulging in a little ice-cold frothy beverage … peering into a volcano … catching rays on a boat … watching the sunsets … getting our daily sustenance at a neighbourhood feria … belting out songs and dancing at karaoke … enjoying a delicious meal at a local hangout … volunteering for a community organization … hitching a ride into the next town … getting all dusty on an atv tour … finding our way from one Central American country to the next … dunking our bodies into mineral springs … or whatever. The people made the experiences. Oh! And sometimes ANIMALS, too 😉

And to you all … we are so grateful. We may have met you for a brief moment in time, or you may have been our neighbour (and you are glad to see us leave!), you all had important roles in our CR life, and those memories will remain. Some of you have taught us so much – opened our eyes to new and different ways of thinking – our lives are incredibly richer because of you.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we head North … Toronto (one-night layover), then back to Winnipeg on Thursday … where we will be spending the summer, or longer, depending on a few things.

Corissa still doesn’t have a surgery date yet, but hoping for beginning of May. Recovery will take a few months, then a second (minor) one at around three months. If you’re curious about the surgery and her rationale for having it, please private message her – details below. And just an FYI: she’s writing a book about her lifelong breast cancer journey, due to be out next year.

But while she’s recovering, we – or to clarify: mostly JESSE! – will be getting the Winnipeg house ready to sell. It’s time. Corissa’s children are grown up and ready for the next stages of their lives, and it’s not feasible, financially or otherwise, to hang onto such a big home.

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So our future plans – post Corissa’s recovery period(s) – depend on if and when the house will sell.

Currently we’re seriously thinking of returning to Ontario, to Petawawa / Pembroke area – Jesse’s stomping grounds. Corissa’s children will always have Manitoba as their homeland, but within the next few years, they will all make homes in different parts of the world.

We had considered buying a property in Canada and one here in CR … we even looked at a place … yet as we really hashed it through, we both realized that there was still so much more “world” out there that we want to see and experience, even in Canada and USA. (ROADTRIP!)

It’s kind of like buying a cottage somewhere versus having a motorhome / travel trailer. The cottage pretty much guarantees where you’ll be spending your vacation. Whereas with an RV, if you can drive it, you can go pretty much wherever you want.

We want to be more mobile in our traveling 🙂 for now, anyway. Who knows what the future will bring us as we experience our one (un)expected life?!

The next part of the adventure is about to begin … ready or not, here we come!


Here are some pics that highlight some of our CR experiences:

Jesse playing soccer with the local Ticos … he only went a few times, but the players remembered him as we walked the town, and would greet him like a friend.


One incredible afternoon on a catamaran – we got to hang out with cool people, and witnessed the ocean teeming with life … jumping manta rays, huge turtles, leaping dolphins. (Pics by Jenna Roberts)



Jesse participating in the Mardi Gras “Drag Race” – you guessed it! Not CAR racing! But men wearing women’s attire – drag – and racing from one place to the next, chugging a beer at each location. The first one to make it to the finish line won a bottle of hard liquor. Jesse didn’t even come close to winning – he’d never run in a dress before 😉 See if you can find him in this pic.


Beautiful friend, Elizabeth. Miss her already!!


And her babies, Wyatt and Sunshine – who we both adore … and the feeling was mutual.


Chili guaros anyone?? Buddy Jeff can pound them back like there’s no tomorrow. Us?! One would do just fine! Ok, maybe two 😉


Paul, Jeff, Jesse … “big shots” overlooking an amazing sunset view. These two guys often went out of their way for us when we needed – or even wanted! – something.


We have so many more memories with great people … and no pics to prove them! But that’s ok. Oft it’s best to make memories without thinking about having to take pics.

Hasta luego, Costa Rica …



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Thanks for reading 🙂